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Our Accomplishments

Angeles Para Honduras was founded in early 2017.  Since that time, APH has been raising funds from local donors through benefit events and outreach via correspondence to local businesses and individual donations.  This money was used to help children in targeted areas attend school by providing clothing, nourishment, and school supplies.  We have also provided Honduran schools in the targeted areas with necessary equipment such as desks, chairs and school supplies, including notebooks, backpacks, and uniforms.  In addition, we have been investing in projects which free children from the necessity of staying home to work in support of their families rather than attending school.


Higher Education

APH is proud to announce that one of our sponsored students has graduated from college with a 4.0 GPA and has received a scholarship to continue her masters in Tampa, Florida.  She graduated as an Agricultural Engineer and will volunteer teaching farmers how to better cultivate their crops for a more beneficial outcome.  


School Supplies & Uniforms

We continue to supply 100s of students with uniforms and school supplies such as notebooks and backpacks in order to be able to attend school and attain a better education without worrying how they will finance it.

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