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PROJECT 1: Berlin Plancitos

Our ongoing project, takes us to Berlin-Plancitos, a village located in the mountains of Copan, about 2 hours from La Entrada.  We chose this village because of its location in relation to other villages in the area.  Berlin-Plancitos has a grade school and a middle school.  Once the children graduate from 9th grade, there's no more education for them.  So, Angeles Para Honduras made a decision to buy a 2-acre plot in the village in order to build a Trade school, an orphanage and a clinic.  The trade school will teach English as a Second Language, Office Skills, Information Technology, Carpentry, Engine Repairs, and Health Education gearing towards Nursing Assistant.  The Trade School will apply to the government of Honduras for Certification Recognition so children will be able to find work after graduation.  The orphanage will house children from 4 years of age to 17.  Because of its proximity to the other schools, children will be able to attend grade school, junior high school and eventually graduate from the Trade School.  The Clinic will be free to all children and we will charge a minimal fee to those who are able to pay for healthcare.

PROJECT 2: Higher Education

Ángeles Para Honduras is a nonprofit committed to helping students from Honduras access higher education. We provide scholarships to assist students with tuition and other educational costs so that they can attend university. Learn more about our projects and how you can help.

PROJECT 3: Helping with Food


We are currently providing children with school supplies and uniforms, as well as helping their parents with food so that children don't have to work and can focus on their education. Learn more about the projects Ángeles Para Honduras is working on and how you can get involved


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