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Brief history of my life

My name is Jorge Armando Rodriguez and in this story I will tell you a little about my life.

I was born in 1984 in the village of Suyapa in Tegucigalpa Honduras, my mother was a very poor and homeless woman, since, at the time of my grandmother's death, she was left on the street. At that time she worked as an employee in the house of some journalists but one of her sisters on her father's side when she realized her pregnancy took her to live at home, where she was not well seen by the husband and her children (my cousins) so they made her life impossible, Then she decided to go to seek refuge at the house of another of her sisters but she was not a good person with her to such an extent that they moistened the floor where my mother stayed to sleep with me because she did not have a bed and to cook they wet the wood so that my mother could not cook. It was then that some good neighbors saw the abuse and let my mother live with them, as the months went by my mother began to look for a place to live and it was then that she got a plot of land in a very remote place from the capital. at that time it was a mountainous place full of pine trees (for which it is named Los Pinos), without streets, water or light, but it was a new beginning for her.

Then one of his brothers on his mother's side extended his hand building a small wooden house with the little money my mother could get to buy the materials, that's where we began to live in a place of our own, I remember that we had to walk long distances to go to take a bus because in that place there were no streets and much less transport, after two years living in Los Pinos, my first sister was born. my mother as she could make an effort to be able to take us since many times we were asleep and the same way back, by then she left us in a nursery that was located in one of the markets of Comayagüela (San Isidro) to be able to go to work selling various items for use at home.

In that nursery I was until leaving high school at age 6, by then Los Pinos already had a health center and school had opened a street that was dirt, I entered school at age 7 where every time we had vacations I took the opportunity to go help my mother to sell on one of the bridges of Comayagüela (Carias bridge) where I began to learn the value of life and the difficulties that arise on a daily basis. Then I wanted to learn more and take advantage of the 5th and 6th grade vacations to go to work with one of my uncles on my grandfather's side who had some businesses such as freight service, grocery and cattle in a place called El Chimbo in Santa Lucia. There I learned to work in business, take care of cattle and work hard raising and lowering loads in each of the freight that my uncle did.

Then when I left school in 1997 my mother asked a lady who was my teacher at school for a job for me. She has a restaurant with her husband called "Toni's Mar", there I worked on vacation processing seafood for the restaurant, in 1998 I began my studies in one of the most recognized schools in the capital, the Honduras Technical Institute in the Kennedy neighborhood.

I always worked on my vacations but in 2000 I started working in a roast chicken dining room called "Los Pollitos" on Central America Boulevard where I was in charge of the maintenance and cleaning of the place, I tried to do my job well and the owner allowed me to go on weekends to work and dedicate myself to my studies on weekdays, I remember that I earned L 50.00 a day which was not enough so I decided to sell the lunch (a portion of chicken and a soft drink) that the lady gave to the employees that at that time had a value of L 25.00 and I was satisfied with eating chicken pork rinds that we made there to be able to have some more money and help my mother with transportation expenses, photocopies and other things he occupied at school. By 2001 and L.75.00 daily were not enough so I decided to work every afternoon after leaving school and thus generate a little more money, this was very difficult since I was late at home and very tired and it was difficult for me to do homework and study and in the mornings it was difficult to get up but even so I made him want all that year which always had its consequences since that year I stayed in 7 subjects for which I went to recovery where I passed 6 subjects, I had to take one of them "delayed" the following year, but I managed to pass it with a good grade already in that year 2002 I decided to work only weekends since I did not want to affect my studies. Inthose vacations I decided to look for another job and I started in a ceramic warehouse of a trade called "Centro de Cerámicas" that was in col. Florencia de Tegucigalpa where I worked hard to be able to stay to work during the day and study at night but night teaching in schools in my opinion is not good so I decided to resign and continue my studies during the day, Then I looked to work in the afternoons in a balcony workshop where electric gates were made, repaired and installed, that was where I worked as a welder. In that same year I graduated as a technical bachelor in industrial mechanics with a great emotion for having achieved something in my life.

From there began my life as any other citizen, to look for a job to be able to go to university and leave even later, I managed to start in a maquila called "Monzini" of Oxford and I began to study at the UNAH managing to study two periods and passing 7 classes but life in Honduras is very hard and the priority is everyday food so I stopped studying and dedicated myself to work overtime to become independent of the house and make my own which was made of wood like my mother's house although I do not have my own land since where I have my house is my mother's land, but that was my beginning and I left my mother's house although on the same land, after this I started to buy my own things and tried to return to studies this time at the Francisco Morazán Pedagogical University but then I discovered that pedagogy was not my thing so I decided not to continue after 7 past classes after that I decided to save to start my own business.

In 2008 I resigned in the maquila and started my own business of repair and activation of cell phones, with all the desire I had to get ahead and continue my studies, but unfortunately my inexperience in starting my own business led me to fail since I did not budget well and I ran out of money to continue renting the premises. after this I looked for a job managing to locate myself in Walmart as asset protection but the work itself I did not like since I lacked learning and did not perform in what I knew, two months after being there I had the opportunity to work in another company called Excel Automotive although I did not perform my knowledge there I began to learn new things and return to university unfortunately in that year (2010) I had an accident on a bus of an excursion that we were doing with the church where I attended in which I almost died because when I arrived at the hospital the doctors took the signs and said that I had already died and covered me with the sheets ready to go to the Morgue, but God's plans were not those for me, It was then that the stretcher felt that I should take my pulse and I managed to feel something, very slight but I still had a little pulse to which the doctors acted quickly and saved my life.

Already that year I could not continue studying, after that I resumed my classes managing to get 6 subjects in two periods, when again they called me from the maquila where I had previously worked and returned since it was a better salary. So again I stopped studying to do overtime and start saving to build my house little by little, that time I worked 4 years in the maquila where I met the mother of my daughter. Then the maquila had to close operations so it had to lay off most of its employees, then I managed to start working in the field with a consortium company of the ENEE until August 2016 where the company changed ownership and although the staff would always be hired, I decided to leave, then I found the opportunity to work as a technician in a company called Allpak Services where I met people with many abilities. and kind-hearted they opened their doors and I learned a little more. One of those people is still my friend and one of the best people I have ever met Roberto Mejía Peña who opened his doors to get to know me better, for which I met the Angels for Honduras Foundation since he spoke of my case to John Dewane and who gave me the opportunity to continue my studies helping me with the expenses of the university for which I am very grateful since it is not all world that has this great opportunity and although it is not easy to study and work I will not give up until I reach this goal and not disappoint the great support that angels has given me and for all the people who support this great cause, I am already in my last year of class in this 2023 in 2004 if God allows it I will be doing my thesis or professional practice. I feel very happy and grateful that there are foundations like these that push the growth of a country helping people to overcome and achieve their goals, so it is my intention that within a couple of years with the help of God to be part of this great foundation in order to support other young people and children to continue their studies and achieve great things in their lives.

I ask God to always bless you and that Angels For Honduras continue to grow to help more people who want to excel, but the economic conditions of the country do not allow it. Thank you JOHN DEWANE.

Thank you Angels for Honduras!

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