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Angeles Para Honduras

Bret Hall

Burlington, Vermont


This is why I donate to Angeles Para Honduras:























     The Children of Honduras

I first learned about life in Honduras about ten years ago from John Dewane at The North Hero House’s Pier Bar, on one of the Champlain Islands in northern Vermont.  At the time, John only knew that he wanted to do something good for his homeland.  His ambition for Honduras grew over several years into the wonderful foundation that it is today — Angeles para Honduras.

In 2019 my partner Nancy Blasberg and I attended John’s 50th birthday party at the beautiful Indura resort on the Caribbean in northwestern Honduras.  In addition to the resort, we went to Tela and San Pedro Sula where we saw the real Honduras and real Hondurans—people grinding out a tough life.

Over time, Nancy and I attended a few of John’s fund-raising functions, learning more about the struggles of families in Honduras.  John let on that only $500 (USD) per year was needed to support a school-age child with lunch, clothing, books, and school supplies.  We could help out!  Just as John formed the foundation to help the children of Honduras, we contributed and became involved. 

About the same time, I began rethinking my goals for the money I had stashed away (beyond my retirement needs).  Since I had already provided for my three grown children, my estate goal become, as my Choate School chaplain often said, “to run hurriedly around the bases, and slide safely into home plate completely exhausted of energy and funds!”  Supporting Angeles para Honduras now became a major goal for Nancy and me.

                                                                        One day, John told us about the                                                                                  unfortunate fate of three young                                                                                    Honduran children (then 4, 6, and 8)                                                                            whose parents had died within weeks                                                                            of each other.  Maybe there was                                                                                  something we could do right away to                                                                            help these kids.  With John and Elvin,                                                                            John’s Man-on-the-Ground in                                                                                        Honduras, we hatched a plan to                                                                                  donate money that would go directly                                                                            towards  these youngsters’ welfare:                                                                              We write a check, and John converts                                                                            our money into food, clothing, and         essentials that Elvin takes directly to these orphans and their grandmother with whom they live.  No middleman siphoning off a cut!

In September 2022, I traveled to Honduras with John to meet the three children.  A great trip that fomented my eagerness to do good!  First the orphans… The kids live with their grandmother in a very modest building outside La Entrada.  I brought each child an L.L. Bean backpack with their name embordered so they can take lunch and books to school.  You can see happiness in their smiles as they receive one of Elvin’s deliveries.  The visit put real meaning to our efforts and donations.


Just before Christmas, Nancy and I received a

beautiful letter written by the oldest expressing

the gratitude of the three kids.  Well written and

heartfelt.   We learned more about their precious

lives.  Their letter deepened our bond with them

and reinforced our decision to support Angeles

Para Honduras.

Nancy and I know we have made an excellent,

informed choice in supporting Angeles Para

Honduras.  John has further plans for building

more classrooms at an existing school in

Choloma—outside San Pedro Sula—including

upgrading the trade school equipment.


The children of Honduras all need our help. 

We hope you will join us.

You can send your donations to Angeles Para Honduras

PO Box 201

North Hero, VT 05474

Our Donors are Saying...

"Nancy and I know we have made an excellent, informed choice in supporting Angeles Para Honduras."

Bret Hall, August, 2023

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