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Angeles Para Honduras foundation was born from the idea that one person can make a change in a community.  John Dewane, the founder and president of Angeles Para Honduras, was born in Honduras, where he studied from first to sixth grade.  In 1982, he came to live in Naperville, Illinois, where he continued his education.

As John, returned to his birthplace in Honduras, he noticed that the crime rate had risen.  He attributed the rise to lack of education and the huge dropout rate from children attending school.

Today, John lives in North Hero, Vermont.  Feeling fortunate with his life and accomplishments, John wanted to give back to the community.  As he pondered the idea of giving back, he decided that he wanted to change Honduras in order that others could see his birthplace as he saw it back in the 1970s.  A peaceful, friendly place full of warmhearted people with open arms and great smiles.

Angeles Para Honduras was developed with this notion:  We can all make a difference and change a place for the better.


Vermont, USA

San Pedro Sula, Honduras


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